Saturday, February 26, 2011

everyday is a mori day

It got a bit chilly today. I left my apartment at 9am and it was around 41F. Somehow I'm glad that mori fashion clothes are so expensive that I cannot afford the complete outfit. Otherwise I'd be so broke. Usually, mori girls are young college girls who have 2-3 part-time jobs so they can afford their fashion spending. In Japan you can pretty much wear whatever and you wouldn't look out of place. But here it makes me feel I'm overdressed sometimes. But I guess when I get older I won't be able to wear cute mori outfits anymore but I'll probably become big mori ( ̄~ ̄;)


  1. I love your outfit.
    It's soooooo cute.

    I love Mori Girl Style.
    And can't wait for it to be warmer out so I can wear this style.

    I went to the FIT in NYC Japan Now Exhibit today.
    And was SOOOOOOOO inspired!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. I love that Mori Girl is very Vintage-esque.
    It allows me to mix my love for vintage and japanese style into my everyday life.
    I also love the flowy free feel to it.
    Plus who doesn't love Nymphs and Flowers in the forest??

    By the way where do you live??
    I live in NJ.