Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day~

Long time no post. I apologize for the lack of update. I had to take care of some important personal business so I couldn't update the blog or the store.

The weather here is really weird. One day it was warm like spring and the next day it was like the mid winter. I didn't know what shoes to wear but I wore rainboots because the weather forecast said it would rain. Btw, never trust it when they said it's gonna rain 30%. 30% means no rain.

 Here is what I had for dinner yesterday. beef, mushroom, cabbage, pasta with some basil and chilly powder. Not bragging or anything but it was delicious :P. But the quality of the beef wasn't too good. It wasn't fresh. Lots of fat >_< . I have to consult my mom about how to select good quality beef next time.

I put up a new section which is the Sale section on Little Mori Shop. Please be sure to check it out. Shipping within US is FREE for Sale section until 5/5. My favorites are:
Woodland Fairy Flats

Carpet Fabric Teddy Bear Purse Handbag

Vintage Lace Embellished Collar Polka Dots Dress

I will update Little Mori Closet with lots of cute style soon! There are so many cute dresses and shirts in Mori style that I can't wait to put up on the store. My favorite is this

Sweet Lace Breath of New Spring Dress
I have one for myself. The fabric feels so nice and cool. And the lace makes it look prettier~

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